Mr. Kang With The Same T-Shirts

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(credit: laydeebutterfly @soompi)

Both of them are Mr. Kang. The one on the top is Kang Ho Dong, he is korean famous host and comedian from variety show 1 night 2 days. And the next one is Kang In, he is a member of korean incredible boyband Super Junior. They not only have the same name and body shape, but also the same t-shirt. Oops but I think Kang In is a little bit slimmer than Kang Ho Dong, no offense E.L.F hahaha.. If you are a korean-wave freak, you should know both of them.

1 night 2 days makes Kang Ho Dong become more and more famous, this is the highest rated variety show that is currently broadcasting. Everyone should watch this show at least once, so much fun! You can watch it on cable TV, or on You Tube (I call it “mbak You”). I bet all of you know Super Junior, don’t you? With a total of thirteen members, Super Junior is the largest boy band in the world (based on my opinion). So sorry I don’t remember the names of thirteen members, but I’m sure Kang In is one of them! Their music is so fresh, you have to try to listen their song “sorry, sorry” it’s easylistening.


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