The One And Only You

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(credit: christiecml2)

Still remember that old scene? It is taken from 1n2d episode 122, Seung Gi cutely dancing down the steps. I know Seung Gi can be a dork, but I don’t think I’ve seen him this “outrageously” dorky before. I thought he was shy, and being a ballad singer not use to dancing, especially silly dancing like this. Maybe his hyungs on 1n2d give him a lesson “how to become a dorky boy” hahaha.. It’s been almost 2 years since he joined 1n2d and he’s becoming more open, feeling at ease with the “naughty” hyungs, so he knows for sure how to apply the entertainment elements, even in such a boring time and make it cute and funny at the same time. Last but not least, wanna send my message for Seunggi: gute Besserung, get well soon, semoga cepat sembuh! All the talk about H1N1 is really starting to scare me.

Ok, sorry for my fangirl cheesiness! Let’s move on to the song, do you know that background song? It’s an old song “The One And Only You” by Shim Shin. That song always reminds me to Lee Su Geun, because he said that MC-Mong’s Circus plagiarized that song hahaha.. what a silly joke?! Lee Su Geun jjang!! By the way, do you want to hear the original version “The One And Only You” by Shim Shin? Check out this vidio:

(credit: amplify82)

Oh..I found another performance, this one from FT-Island feat. Shim Shin at MBC Special Stage 2007. I’m a little bit confuse about FT-Island, are they groupband or boyband? No offense, just asking lol.. Please enjoy the vidio

(credit: Lemona + liveFTI)


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