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March 19, 2010 at 8:40 am Leave a comment

“Follow Friday” is a fun activity on twitter, where everyone suggests other twitter users to follow each Friday! Today is FRIDAY, so let’s follow our 1n2d buddies:

1.  Kim-C
Yes, this is the real Kim-C! The one who join Hot Potato Band! He even posted some behind the scene photos from 1n2d filming location, what a cool ahjussi, Kim-C jjang!!

2. 1n2d International Forum
Finally 1n2d international forum have an account on twitter! Let’s follow them to get the newest topic from the forum 😀

3. Ahboo
If u are a big fan of 1n2d, I bet u already familiar with her nickname! She usually announces her brand new channel via twitter, so let’s follow her..

4. Lee Wei Soo
Still remember the korean novelist Lee Wei Soo? 1n2d episode 33 the members go on a free trip and decide to visit him in Hwacheon, Gangwondo. (This haraboji looks a little bit like Kim-C hehehe..)

5. 1n2d fansubs blog
The most famous 1n2d blog! The owner of that blog is Bee onni a.k.a Bedifferent, she has an account on twitter under the name of 1n2d fansubs, too bad she seldom tweets 😀


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