Seunggi and Bungee Jumping

July 14, 2011 at 8:49 am 2 comments

***This scene was deleted by KBSW, taken from 1n2d episode 58***

The 6 guys are sleeping soundly in the camping car. Jiwon and Hodong sleep next to each other. Jiwon looked like he was squashed completely by Hodong, poor Jiwonie. Hodong snores and Jiwon replies with snoring too, like father like son, right? hahaha.. Papa bear and baby bear are so cute..

Out of nowhere there is a mysterious figure has crept into the driver’s seat. He drives off the camping car to an unknown destination with all of the 6 members still sleeping. That mysterious guy is none other than PD Lee (as u know 1n2d had 2 program directors back then: PD Na and PD Lee).

Suddenly Seungi wakes up looking really confused at what is happening, and the caption “Why is the car moving?” Seunggi said: “Who are you?” (caption: ‘is this a dream?’) He doesn’t wait for the reply to know who is driving the car and falls back to sleep, and the caption reads “I’m seeing things in my dream”. And then Seunggi speaks to PD Lee:
Seunggi: “Oh my! Why are you suddenly driving?”
PD Lee: “We are going to get two of you guys to go on a selected sightseeing tour, so we are going over to the place now.”
Seunggi: Two of us? (caption: ‘It’s OK, as long as it isn’t me…)

Then Seunggi starts tickling Mong’s feet to wake him up, and it fails. Seunggi keeps trying, he elbows Mong in the knee and tells him that their camping car is moving, but sleepy Mong just ignores him and hugs his lovely dongsaeng. Mong then sort of wakes a little to see who is driving, but falls back and continues to hug and pat Seunggi’s back. Then again, someone has got to FART and spoil the air in the car.

Seunggi gets up again, and begins talking to PD Lee:
PD Lee: “Do you want to go sight seeing, Seung Gi?”
Seunggi: “Its not even certain who will do the sight seeing now, what are you talking about.. I can’t even bungee jump.. I will work hard”
The two of them then start talking about the infamous bungee jumping incident.
PD Lee: “Given another chance, do you think you will be able to jump?”
Seunggi: “Another chance? Hmmm. I think I might be able to jump at night. But if you ask me to jump in the day, I don’t think I can do it.”
PD Lee: “What did your parents say after watching the bungee jumping episode?”
Seunggi: “They didn’t say anything to me” (playing his nails)

Seunggi seems to be really quite bothered about not being able to do the bungee jumping, poor boy! He goes to the back of the car in order to search some food, but he finds none, and laments how the stuff has all been eaten..

***this entry is taken from Sarangia’s translation with some editing***


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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. reglest  |  July 14, 2011 at 11:42 am

    Muahahaha! Gw belom liat videonya
    -maafkan,nasib baca blog lu mobile emang begini-
    tapi ini udah cukup bikin gw ngakak berguling2
    Hanya satu yg gw sesalin: I miss Mongiiieeeeee!!!

  • 2. Tram Le  |  August 4, 2011 at 4:34 am

    The scene between HD-IW and Mongie-SG were cute.Miss 6 of them like that^^
    Thank for upload.It’s be great to see cut scene with translation.


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