Kang Hodong’s YookChilPal

July 19, 2011 at 10:28 am Leave a comment

Really didn’t know that Kang Ho Dong is a proud owner of a barbecue restaurant. His restaurant is 678 (yook-chil-pal), it serves sumptuous premium beef from Jeju Island, and galbi-jjim, a spicy Korean pot roast made with bone-in rib meat.

The restaurant even has its own annoyingly catchy theme song: “When you think about pork, 6-7-8, when you think about beef, 6-7-8… what Kang Ho Dong eats everyday!” gyahahahahaha~ Hodong ahjussi, why don’t you just use your hilarious duet song with Baek Jiyoung as the theme song? My Ear’s Pig, no?

For more info, please visit these websites below:


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