Dooloop Song

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To be honest I was confused in choosing the right title for this post, hehehe.. OK basically I’m gonna talk about an indian pop song realeased in 1998 “Tunak Tunak Tun” the song and music video were successes in India, it also became an international viral sensation at that time, maybe we can say the popularity of this song was like 2012’s mega hit “Gangnam Style”.

What’s so special about this song? Well, since I am shinhwa’s fans, this song always reminds me to Dongwan’s dorky dance in old variety show, Love Letter. Dongwan pronounced the song lyrics as “doooloop dooloop ayayaya~” that’s why this song known as “dooloop song” among shinhwa fans, and if you ask any shinhwa fans bout this song I bet they will gladly show you how to do the silly dance moves just like what Dongwan did hehehe.. Check out the compilation video of “Dooloop Dongwan” a.k.a the distributor of indian song!

And then in 2009 this song kicked me again through 1n2d episode 120, the 1n2d members went on a trip with some foreigners, one of them is Nittin who comes from India, that’s why for wake-up song the 1n2d staff kindly played tunak tunak tun. When I was watching episode 120 on KBSWorld I screamed like crazy “OMG, are u kidding me? that’s Dongwan’s dooloop song, right?!” sense of shinhwa changjo kicked in. The funny thing is: the foreigners dance happily along the song while 1n2d members run like crazy to win the morning mission. For the sake of that sweet moment u may watch the video below..

Aaaaaaah talking about 1n2d thingy on this blog makes me miss hodong so much, can’t wait for his comeback to entertainment world, kang hodong manseh! But I still can’t believe he signed contract with SM hehehe… (still remember how cruel SM back then for offering renewal contract to all shinhwa members except dongwan, ROFL!) By the way sorry for not providing u guys with tunak tunak tun mp3 link, I’m just lazy to search it on google, sorry hehehe..

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