Somewhere The Wind Is Blowing

May 14, 2014 at 12:48 am 1 comment

Somewhere the wind is blowing (바람이 불어오는 곳) is another great song that featured on 1 Night 2 Days, if you are an avid fan of the show I bet you’re familiar with this song (take a look episode 108, where the members take a scenic tour of Geoje island and Jiwon considers buying real estate there, you will spot the song as the back ground music). This is a masterpiece from the late Kim Kwang Seok (korean singer-songwriter) but it’s renewed by J-Rabbit and recently becomes hit again thanks to KBS miniseries “Adolescence Medley” (I love this light heart romantic drama that makes my heart flutter, highly recommended!) Wanna download the song? Click here to download the original version by Kim Kwang Seok, and click here to download the cover version by J-Rabbit.

The original version is featured on 1N2D (it starts at 14.15)

The cover version is featured on Adolescence Medley


barami bureo oneungot geugoseuro gane
geudaeui meoritgyeol gateun namuaraero

deolkeongineun gichae gidaeeo neoege pyeonjireul sseunda
kkume boatdeongil geugire seoinne

seolleimgwa duryeoumeuro buranhan haengbogijiman
uriga neukkimyeo barabon haneulgwa saramdeul

himgyeoun naldeuldo itjiman saeroun kkumdeureul wihae
barami bureo oneungot geugoseuro gane

haessari nunbusingot geugoseuro gane
barame naemom matgigo geugoseuro gane

chulleongineun padoe heundeullyeodo supyeongseoneul barabomyeo
haessari utgo inneungot geugoseuro gane

namusipi sonjitaneungot geugoseuro gane
hwiparam bulmyeo geotdaga neoreul saenggakhae

neoui moksoriga geuriwodo dwidora bolsuneun eobtji
barami bureo oneungot geugoseuro gane


바람이 불어오는 곳 그곳으로 가네
(I’m going to the place, the place where the wind blows)
그대의 머릿결 같은 나무 아래로
(to under the tree that’s like your hair)
덜컹이는 기차에 기대어
(While leaning against the shaking train)
너에게 편지를 쓴다
(I write you a letter)
꿈에 보았던 그 길
(about the path I saw in my dream;)
그 길에 서 있네
(I’m standing in that path)
설레임과 두려움으로
(Although it’s an unstable happiness)
불안한 행복이지만
(that I anticipate yet fear;)
우리가 느끼며 바라볼
(Although there will be days)
하늘과 사람들
(when the sky we look at and the people we see)
힘겨운 날들도 있지만
(will be hard on us;)
새로운 꿈들을 위해
(For our new dreams,)
바람이 불어오는 곳
(go to the place where the wind blows.)
그곳으로 가네
(I’m going to that place)
햇살이 눈부신 곳
(The place where the sun dazzles,)
그곳으로 가네
(I’m going to that place.)
바람에 내 몸 맡기고
(As I let myself follow the winds,)
그곳으로 가네
(I’m going to that place.)
출렁이는 파도에 흔들려도
(Even if I get stopped by the rolling waves,)
수평선을 바라보며
(I’ll look at the horizon,)
햇살이 웃고 있는 곳
(to the place where the sun smiles;)
그곳으로 가네
(I’m going to that place.)
나뭇잎이 손짓하는 곳
(The place where the leaves beckon for me,)
그곳으로 가네
(I’m going to that place.)
휘파람 불며 걷다가
(As I walk and whistle,)
너를 생각해
(I think of you.)
너의 목소리가 그리워도
(Even though I miss your voice)
뒤돌아 볼 수는 없지
(I can’t look back to you.)
바람이 불어오는 곳
(To the place where the wind blows,)
그곳으로 가네
(I’m going to that place)


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  • 1. Yossie  |  May 23, 2014 at 4:28 am

    Lagu ini juga ada di Ilbakil season 3 yang tayang 18 Mei kemaren, tp yang versi J.Rabbit 🙂
    Nice song.


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