What A Great Show!

September 16, 2014 at 2:39 am Leave a comment

Went to LOVE (Lotte Avenue) last weekend with some fellas to watch Cookin’ Nanta for FREE, hahaha dimana ada gratisan disitu pasti ada gw. Berawal dari post nya Mich beberapa minggu lalu di path yang sukses bikin gw penasaran dan ngubek2 youtube untuk cari tau apa itu Cookin’ Nanta.

So, what on earth is this thingy called Cookin’ Nanta? Oh well lemme make some explanation, “nanta” is korean word which means strike relentlessly, so basically it’s a show that integrates korea’s traditional rhythm (samulnori), dance moves, slapstick comedy, and drama in the kitchen. They create music using household items, kitchen vessels, utensils and cutlery. Don’t worry about language barrier, coz it’s almost a non verbal show although there are some korean and indonesian words being spoken during the show.


The show features 4 characters: head chef, hot lady, sexy guy, and incompetent newbie. They are in the hurry to complete a wedding banquet. They all wear white uniforms with differently colored neck scarf, our favorite chef is the sexy guy with blue scarf, teehee! Thank u Cookin’ Nanta for coming to Jakarta!


Our favorite oppa with blue scarf 🙂


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