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Lonely Night

Lonely Night is a hit song from korean legendary rock band Boohwal. This one was covered by Shinee’s Jonghyun in idol music show “Immortal Song 2”. I hope you enjoy the song like I do ^^



July 2, 2011 at 5:02 pm 1 comment

Boys Also Love Pink

Why can’t boys wear pink? I dun mind at all, as long as it’s not “shocking” pink haha.. Here are some guys who wear pink shirt, and they look not bad at all. Which one looks so great in pink? please vote for your favorite! There’s no closing date for this polling, I will close it whenever I want hahaha..

blog(This is Eric, he hugs his best buddy Dongwan, they are the members of Shinhwa)

minho_pink(the famous Lee Min Ho a.k.a Goo Jun Pyo from korean drama Boys Over Flowers)

shinee(another Min Ho, this one from SHINee, check out their new song Ring Ding Dong)

jiwon_pink(the childish one, Eun Ji Won a.k.a Eun Cho Ding, watch out for his 5th album!)

seunggi_pink2(the chubby guy, Lee Seunggi a.k.a Hwan in korean drama Shining Inheritance)

October 21, 2009 at 6:54 am 15 comments

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