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The “No Money For Merchandise” Fans

These crazy girls are talking about this merchandise. Disclaimer: they are not friends of mine!!



April 2, 2014 at 1:29 am 3 comments

[Eng Sub] Behind The Scene Of “Kiwi Prince”


Ripped from DVD All About Shinhwa, this was Andy’s old CF for Lotte Samkang ice cream, thanks to this CF he got a silly nickname “Kiwi Prince” mwahahahaha~ enjoy!

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Zomdy’s Gamja Bokkeum

Anyone already watched shinhwa broadcast ep.21? In this episode water-oil couple have a cooking battle, here comes the show down! Hyesung cooks whatsoever chicken dish, while Eric cooks fish soup. But the one who caught my attention is Andy and his side dish, this zombie really knows how to cook, he makes stir fried potatoes (gamja bokkeum). I got some different version of stir fried potatoes recipes on google, u can take a look at this site, this site, or this site. For the sake of my love to Zomdy, I decided to cook the same stir fried potatoes but with my own recipe and style, puhahahaha! Here we go.. (more…)

September 29, 2012 at 6:58 am 1 comment

Dooloop Song

To be honest I was confused in choosing the right title for this post, hehehe.. OK basically I’m gonna talk about an indian pop song realeased in 1998 “Tunak Tunak Tun” the song and music video were successes in India, it also became an international viral sensation at that time, maybe we can say the popularity of this song was like 2012’s mega hit “Gangnam Style”.

What’s so special about this song? Well, since I am shinhwa’s fans, this song always reminds me to Dongwan’s dorky dance in old variety show, Love Letter. Dongwan pronounced the song lyrics as “doooloop dooloop ayayaya~” that’s why this song known as “dooloop song” among shinhwa fans, and if you ask any shinhwa fans bout this song I bet they will gladly show you how to do the silly dance moves just like what Dongwan did hehehe.. Check out the compilation video of “Dooloop Dongwan” a.k.a the distributor of indian song!

And then in 2009 this song kicked me again through 1n2d episode 120, the 1n2d members went on a trip with some foreigners, one of them is Nittin who comes from India, that’s why for wake-up song the 1n2d staff kindly played tunak tunak tun. When I was watching episode 120 on KBSWorld I screamed like crazy “OMG, are u kidding me? that’s Dongwan’s dooloop song, right?!” sense of shinhwa changjo kicked in. The funny thing is: the foreigners dance happily along the song while 1n2d members run like crazy to win the morning mission. For the sake of that sweet moment u may watch the video below.. (more…)

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Recommended To Watch: Shinhwa Broadcast

Shinhwa members dari kiri ke kanan:
Andy, Dongwan, Hyesung, Junjin, Minwoo, Eric

The Legend is back with their very own variety show, Shinhwa Broadcast (a.k.a ShinBang), acara ini tayang di salah satu TV kabel korea (JTBC) setiap sabtu jam 9 malem waktu indonesia bagian rumah gw (nah lho). Sebelum gw lanjut ngoceh, harap dicatat bahwa gw merekomendasikan acara ini BUKAN semata2 karena gw fans nya Shinhwa sejak dahuluuuu kalaaaa, tapi murni karena gw pikir acara ini “nampol banget” dan sayang seribu sayang kalo sampe seumur hidup kalian ga pernah tau ada acara sedodol ini. Well, people who are not watching shinhwa broadcast, it’s your lost 😆

Senampol apa sih shinhwa broadcast kok gw sampe niat banget ngerekomendasiin acara ini di blog tercintah? Ahemm, biar singkat gini aja deh, kalo kalian suka brotherhood dan bromance di 1n2d maka kemungkinan besar kalian bakal suka brotherhood dan bromance di shinhwa broadcast, kalo kalian suka comedy dan jokes ala 1n2d maka kemungkinan besar kalian bakal suka comedy dan jokes ala shinhwa broadcast! (pls take a note, 1n2d yg gw maksud adalah season 1)

Tidak seperti variety show kebanyakan, shinhwa broadcast ga punya format yang tetap, jadi setiap pergantian tema di shinhwa broadcast membuat penonton merasa seperti disuguhi acara baru karena format acara nya juga baru, dan hal ini selalu bikin penonton penasaran sama tema selanjutnya, such a nice strategy! Setiap tema biasa nya ditayangkan untuk 2 episode (tapi pernah molor jadi 3 episode, dan pernah juga di-edit abis2an jadi 1 episode). Di setiap tema akan ada 1 orang shinhwa member yang ditetapkan sebagai pemenang dan yang lain nya kalah, nah ada 2 kemungkinan yaitu yang menang mendapatkan hadiah (tapi PD nya jarang banget ngasi hadiah, si PD ini agak “tega” semacem PD Na) atau kemungkinan lain yang kalah dapet hukuman absurd yang sadis. (more…)

July 24, 2012 at 4:32 am 15 comments

Screencaps SHINHWA on Win-Win

click on the picture to enlarge!!

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Picture of the Day #9

This photo was autographed by Andy himself when he was in Jakarta for Korea Indonesia Week 2011. Many thanks to Tata eonni for giving me this photo,  so happy 🙂 *elus elus poto andy hihihi~*

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