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The Mascot Of 1n2d

I’m glad that nowadays many people get to know bout the one and only real wild road variety show from Korea, it means 1n2d has some newbie viewers ^^ But in the other side, I’m also sad bcoz those newbie viewers don’t know bout the mascot of this show, yes.. it’s none other than our lovely dog SANGGEUN!

Sanggeun is a Pyrenean Mountain Dog, also known as a Great Pyrenees. But this breed is so large that Sanggeun almost resembles a big white bear. He weighs just over 50 kilograms (110 pounds) with shaggy, 15-centimeter long (5.9-inch long) fur. (more…)


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way to go, Sanggeun!

You all probably know Sanggeun, who doesn’t know him?? Geeez, are you kidding me? You really don’t know Sanggeun? poor you! Hahaha sorry.. Sanggeun is the Great Pyrenees dog on variety show 1N2D, his real name is Herbie. Actually I hate dogs, but I love Sanggeun, especially when he plays around with Jiwon (aaah, I miss Sanggeun in 1n2d nowadays).

1n2dmembers(Sanggeun with the members of 1n2d)

Back to the topic, Sanggeun is now designed as his own cartoon character because of his title as the ‘Nation’s Pet’. Now, he has not only entertainment company, but also website ( You might think this is just joke, go visit his website and find the truth by yourself. Sanggeun ROCK! (source:




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