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The Managers Are Also Celebrities

Are you familiar with these faces below? If your answer is “yes” welcome to the club of 1n2d’s hardcore fans hahaha.. These pictures are the managers of 1n2d members, but the one and only picture that I can’t find it is Jiwon’s manager, sorry.. 1 Night 2 days makes not only the members but also the managers become famous. In some episodes you can watch the managers on camera, hmm… are they camera oriented just like Seunggi? hahaha…let’s find out in which episodes they appear. By the way this post is dedicated for my cute friend FILI, who can correctly guess which manager belongs to which celebrity.

1. Kim-C’s manager

His name is Baek Sang Gi. Just like Kim-C, he is also a shy guy, like celeb like manager huh?!  He appeared on episode 107, when the six members are playing bokbulbok kicking-ball game for sleeping places against the staffs! Hahaha… Kim-C was disappointed, the staffs won because of Sang Gi’s great kick movement.

2. Kang Ho Dong’s manager

This guy is Yeong Jin, He appeared on some episodes but in small amount duration. Recently he appeared on episode 123, this is one of the funniest episode: members vs staffs faceoff as a form of BokBulBok part two. It’s revenge time! If the staff wins, the 6 members sleep outside. But this time the celebrities team win! hahaha.. that picture above shows you that he can only stare, the sleeping outside’s curse is waiting for him and the rest of the 80 staffs LOL

3. Lee Seung Gi’s manager

His name is Dong Jin, Seunggi calls him “Dongjin Hyung” but I prefer call him “ahjussi manager”. This guy is quite good in fishing, episode 109 you can see him enjoy fishing while Seunggi is struggling desperately to catch one fish. He just smile to Seunggi without willing to help him at all hahaha.. Episode 82 when Seunggi was a victim of his hyungs conspiracy and got left behind in Nok Island, he also won’t accompany him, what a unique manager wekekeke..

4. MC-Mong’s manager

I bet all of you know his name, Lee Hun Seok. He is the most famous one among all managers. He even appeared several times on MC-Mong’s music vidio, and I always remember bout his “so hot” dance with Mong hahaha.. You can also see him as the driver for young boys team in episode 112. Everyone still remember that he was the hero for episode 57’s high rating, when the 1n2d team went to Baekryeong Island, MC Mong had to be left on Daecheong island to catch mullet with him. OMG he’s super hilarious! I think he should consider to become entertainer or comedian, bcoz he has great talent just like Kang Ho Dong (based on what he did on episode 70)

5. Lee Sugeun’s manager

Kim Dae Won, he is Su Geun’s manager. If I’m not mistaken, he also appeared on Su Geun’s music vidio “happy song”. Still remember bout “Hodong’s fake wallet” incident in episode 113?? hahaha…that fake wallet belongs to this guy. That incident started when the Young Boys (YB) & Old Boys (OB) were given an allowance each team and it’s up to them what they want to do with the money. The team with the most money with them upon reaching the base camp will win the previlage to sleep indoor. They have a chance to trade their money in the middle of vacation, poor OB team they got empty wallet after the trade. That’s why Kang Ho Dong took over Dae Won’s wallet for the sake of OB team, but at the end YB realized that the wallet belongs to Dae Won wekekeke..

That’s it, do you have favorite manager? For me, Hun Seok is rawk!! Recently on “Teacher is Coming” he showed his great relationship with MC-Mong, alltough they aren’t even blood-brothers. Please read this article for more info: click here

PS: forgive me for my poor english, if you have a picture of Jiwon’s manager please let me know..


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Which One is The Celebrity?

the title of this post already makes me laugh. I will give you the pictures of two guys, which is a little bit look alike, your job is to find out which one is the celebrity, and which one is the celebrity’s manager? Deeta from k-frenzy inspires me to write about this topic. Oke here they are:


If you’re indonesian, I bet you know which one is the celebrity…hahaha.. Or if you’re a hardcore fan of 1n2d, I bet you recognize which one is Kang Ho Dong’s manager. OMG I just realize they really look alike. Okey the guy on the left is the manager of korean best comedian Kang Ho Dong, so sorry I don’t know his name. And the guy on the right is a celebrity from Indonesia, surya saputra. That’s it, hope you enjoy it!


edit: some people told me that the name of KHD’s manager is Yeong Jin..

October 6, 2009 at 6:40 pm 2 comments

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