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Recommended To Watch: Shinhwa Broadcast

Shinhwa members dari kiri ke kanan:
Andy, Dongwan, Hyesung, Junjin, Minwoo, Eric

The Legend is back with their very own variety show, Shinhwa Broadcast (a.k.a ShinBang), acara ini tayang di salah satu TV kabel korea (JTBC) setiap sabtu jam 9 malem waktu indonesia bagian rumah gw (nah lho). Sebelum gw lanjut ngoceh, harap dicatat bahwa gw merekomendasikan acara ini BUKAN semata2 karena gw fans nya Shinhwa sejak dahuluuuu kalaaaa, tapi murni karena gw pikir acara ini “nampol banget” dan sayang seribu sayang kalo sampe seumur hidup kalian ga pernah tau ada acara sedodol ini. Well, people who are not watching shinhwa broadcast, it’s your lost 😆

Senampol apa sih shinhwa broadcast kok gw sampe niat banget ngerekomendasiin acara ini di blog tercintah? Ahemm, biar singkat gini aja deh, kalo kalian suka brotherhood dan bromance di 1n2d maka kemungkinan besar kalian bakal suka brotherhood dan bromance di shinhwa broadcast, kalo kalian suka comedy dan jokes ala 1n2d maka kemungkinan besar kalian bakal suka comedy dan jokes ala shinhwa broadcast! (pls take a note, 1n2d yg gw maksud adalah season 1)

Tidak seperti variety show kebanyakan, shinhwa broadcast ga punya format yang tetap, jadi setiap pergantian tema di shinhwa broadcast membuat penonton merasa seperti disuguhi acara baru karena format acara nya juga baru, dan hal ini selalu bikin penonton penasaran sama tema selanjutnya, such a nice strategy! Setiap tema biasa nya ditayangkan untuk 2 episode (tapi pernah molor jadi 3 episode, dan pernah juga di-edit abis2an jadi 1 episode). Di setiap tema akan ada 1 orang shinhwa member yang ditetapkan sebagai pemenang dan yang lain nya kalah, nah ada 2 kemungkinan yaitu yang menang mendapatkan hadiah (tapi PD nya jarang banget ngasi hadiah, si PD ini agak “tega” semacem PD Na) atau kemungkinan lain yang kalah dapet hukuman absurd yang sadis. (more…)


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Angel is the first song which introduced me to k-pop world, love this song so much till now! This is definitely one of my favourite songs from korean legendary boyband SHINHWA (Hyesung, Andy, Eric, Minwoo, Junjin, Dongwan)

shinhwa2(credit: coolsmurf.wordpress)

shinhwa(credit: shinhwa fanclub @us.cyworld)

Both music video and live performance for this song are very good. You must watch great acting skill from water-oil couple (Hyesung & Eric) in this music video, two thumbs up for both of them!! [clap] [clap]

(credit: joancyu)

This is the live performance from ShinHwa at M-Net, I think they were just lip singing in this performance, but who cares?! 😆

(credit: ruby7739)

You can download the song from this SITE , credit goes to ben.3.b

“Angel” by: ShinHwa (Romaji Lyrics)
credit goes to: HelloHaruka

kutorok barewadon shigani watso,
norul wihan naeui kipun mamul turoso
choumputo urin saranghal subagge opsona bwa

nunbushin nomane wedingduresu rul ipgo
ddollyo onun kasumun ddo tojil dut dwigo
noeui ne bonjje sonkarage banji hanal ggiwugo

nunkama ne maumul durojwo yongwonhi nawa hamggeh sarakachwo
achimen noeui moksoriro chamul ggewocheo
harueh hanbonsshik ggok ana chwo.. saranghandanun maldo aggiji ma
hangsang ne nunul bogo marul he chwo…
choumchorom ku jarieh isulgeh

iroke nunmuri ddo norul apuge hal dde eh,
noegen onjena nan nega himi dwejulggeh
yaksokhalgeh niga naeui chonburanun kol.
I’m please just let me know

ahreumtaun nun, ko, ip, ku ipsul You so Beautiful chamdun nege kisurul
achimisul kuboda teo bijul. katun konggane isodo onuse Miss U
non ne chonbu nega sanun iyu nol pogo isul dden I’m way up in the sky
I can’t fall down, I can’t let you down,
I must admit that I’m in love with you
I wanna kiss you


ni apeso murup ggulgo norul wihe nore purugo noeui nune bichin naeui mosub
nomu hengbokhan mosubin kol
I’ll make you smile again I finally miss you.
nol saranghe kurol su bagge non ne chonsa nan ni suhochonsa
oddon il isodo apuge haji ana
nal nege matchulge hengbokhage niga taranaji mothage nega yaksoke Uh
No matter what happens, I’lll be on your side

ne harurul noege ta julge, modu nega sutorok hejul koya
noeui balkorumdo matchweo korulge~ choumchorom ku jarieh isojwo

“Angel” by: ShinHwa (English Translations Lyrics)
credit goes to: dilaChan

The long awaited time has come
You’ve heard my deepest feelings for you
Maybe we had no other choice but to love since the start

You are wearing a bright wedding dress
My trembling hearts seems like it’ll explode
I slip a ring onto your fourth finger

Close your eyes, listen to my heart, live with me forever
In the morning, wake me up with your voice
Hug me once a day, tell me that you love me
Always look into my eyes and tell me
I will stay at the same place since the beginning

When the tears hurt you
I will always be your strength
I promise you that you are my everything
I’m please just let me know

Beautiful eyes, nose, lips.. those lips
you so beautiful, I kiss you as you are asleep
Brighter than the morning dew..
Even when we are together I miss you
You are my everything, my reason to live
When I look at you I’m way up in the sky
I can’t fall down, I can’t let you down,
I must admit that I’m in love with you
I wanna kiss you


I kneel down before you and I sing to you
Myself reflected in your eyes looks so happy
I’ll make you smile again I finally miss you.
I love you, I cant help it
You are my angel, I’m your guardian angel
No matter what happens, I won’t hurt you
I promise you, when you come to me
I’ll make you happy
No matter what happens, I’lll be on your side

I will give my entire day to you
I will make you use every part of it
I will walk following with your footsteps
Just be at the same place since the beginning..

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Battle of the cheeks

Shin Hye Sung and Lee Seung Gi, this two guys have not only great voice but also adorable cheeks. Which cheeks are you falling for? hahaha.. This is just for fun, so girls please participate in this poll. There is no closing date on this polling, I will close it whenever I want hahaha.. Here are the two guys:


(crdt: newsen)

Shin Hye Sung is the lead vocalist of the korean boy band Shinhwa. It has been 11 years since Shinhwa made their debut in 1998. Now Hyesung is one of the few highly popular singers with idol beginnings. He has been taking care of the high notes in Shinhwa’s songs, and has earned himself a reputation of being a credible singer with strong vocals since his debut. Hyesung is also famous for his “crab dance”, “fighting dance”, and “Mommy, I want that”, which he performed in gameshows like X-Man, Love Letter and Heroine 6. I recommend you to watch his crab dance, sooo funny hahaha..

cm20090827185267963570i(crdt: zippel CF)

Lee Seung Gi is a korean singer. He debuted at the age of 17 on June 18, 2004 when he was still a high school student. He is currently a permanent member of variety show 1 Night 2 Days .  He was cast as the main male character of popular drama Brilliant Legacy in 2009. Now, this ballad prince is back with his 4th album ‘Shadow’ released on17th September. This young singer has a lot to offer both acting and singing. I recommend you to watch his dorky personality on 1 night 2 days!

(text credit: wikipedia, LSG soompi, shinwashi.blogspot)

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